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Dakota/Lakota Plant Medicines

Working with plant medicine of Dakota/Lakota territory


This class will teach students how to identify, harvest, understand some medicinal uses for, and prepare 14 different non-endangered indigenous medicinal plants that are commonly found in Lakota and Dakota territory, as well as many other places across North America. Working with these plants, students will learn 10 common modern and traditional medicine-making techniques that they can use to treat common minor health concerns at home.

Concepts Covered:
  • Basic botany: plant families, scientific names, plant identification
  • Energetics of Medicinal Plants
  • Ethical Harvesting: Food as Medicine
  • Making Medicinal Blends
  • Medicine Gardens
  • Patient Compliance
  • Plant Allies
  • Plant lifecycles: time of year to harvest
  • Plants as our Relatives
  • Indigenous Plant Teachings & Stories
  • Processing, cleaning, and storing your harvest
  • Solubility: Choosing the best solvent for each plant
  • Weeds as Medicine

At the conclusion of the course, students who attend at least 12 of the 14 sessions will be eligible to receive samples of the medicines made in class via mail.

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